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Human Biology & BioImaging


SFB 1243 Cancer Evolution International Symposium
March 1-3, 2018, registration now open! (Abstract deadline extended: January 21, 2018; registration by January 28, 2018)

Ethical Issues in Genome Editing
An interdisciplinary LMU seminar on January 19, 2018 

m4-Awards: Funding for Innovative Cancer Therapy (Tubulis Therapeutics)
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Latest Publications:

Essig K, Hu D, Guimaraes JC, Alterauge D, Edelmann S, Raj T, Kranich J, Behrens G, Heiseke A, Floess S, Klein J, Maiser A, Marschall S, HrabÄ• de Angelis M, Leonhardt H, Calkhoven CF, Noessner E, Brocker T, Huehn J, Krug AB, Zavolan M, Baumjohann D and Heissmeyer V (2017). Roquin Suppresses the PI3K-mTOR Signaling Pathway to Inhibit T Helper Cell Differentiation and Conversion of Treg to Tfr Cells. Immunity, 47, 1067-1082.e12 PubMed

Karg E, Smets M, Ryan J, Forné I, Qin W, Mulholland CB, Kalideris G, Imhof A, Bultmann S and Leonhardt H (2017). Ubiquitome analysis reveals PCNA-associated factor 15 (PAF15) as a specific ubiquitination target of UHRF1 in embryonic stem cells. J Mol Biol., 429, 3814-3824. PubMed

Gressel S, Schwalb B, Decker TM, Qin W, Leonhardt H, Eick D and Cramer P (2017). CDK9-dependent RNA polymerase II pausing controls transcription initiation. eLife, 6:e29736. PubMed

Schumacher D, Helma J, Schneider AFL, Leonhardt H and Hackenberger C (2017). Chemical functionalization strategies and intracellular applications of nanobodies. Angew Chem Int Ed Engl., 2017 Sep 15. [Epub ahead of print] PubMed

Andreeva L, Hiller B, Kostrewa D, Lässig C, de Oliveira Mann CC, Jan Drexler D, Maiser A, Gaidt M, Leonhardt H, Hornung V and Hopfner KP (2017). cGAS senses long and HMGB/TFAM-bound U-turn DNA by forming protein-DNA ladders. Nature, 549, 394-398. PubMed