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Research Group Stengl

  • Display Technologies

    teaser display technologies

    We are committed to improving established display technologies by applying recent scientific advances such as next-generation sequencing, artificial intelligence, and state-of-the-art DNA synthesis to develop sophisticated in vitro evolution platforms. By tailoring the display system and selection process to the specific needs of a project, we aim to increase the likelihood that selected variants will be fit for purpose. more

  • In Vitro Antibody Discovery

    teaser invitro antibody discovery

    We use established in vitro display technologies to discover antibodies and alternative antibody derivatives for use in translational and basic research. more

  • Antibody Engineering

    teaser antibody engineering

    Using state-of-the-art protein engineering tools such as phage display and site-specific conjugation methods, we aim to develop novel antibody-based reagents for research and therapy. more

  • Immunotherapeutics

    teaser immunotherapeutics

    We aim to support the development of novel targeted therapeutics by providing relevant technologies such as in vitro antibody discovery platforms, antibody engineering techniques and advanced display technologies. more

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