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What is iRES?

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iRES is a concept for students who would like to develop their own “small” scientific projects and further test their hypotheses in practical experiments in a lab.

The iRES project shall encourage students early in their scientific career to develop scientific questions and perform necessary experiments to test their hypothesis. For each project a “Mini-Grant” shall be composed.

The module is composed of a seminar in WS, a seminar in SS and a practical part in SS.


  • 3 ECTS seminar WS 13/14
  • 12 ECTS practical part SS 14 + 3 ECTS seminar SS 14


  • 2 x 3 ECTS seminar (6 ECTS)  WS 13/14, SS 14
  • 3 ECTS practical part SS 14
  • 3 ECTS "Berufsqualifizierendes Praktikum" SS 14


For more information:

Dr. Daniela Meilinger

Room: B02.051

Tel.: 089 / 2180-74239